Granny’s Grocery

Granny’s Grocery & Deli is one of the oldest stores in the beach area. Built as a combination house and storefront in 1924, it stood long before most of the homes in Hermosa Beach. Mr. Crawshaw, a British gentleman, operated the store until 1950, when Helen and Frank Lemaster bought it on a handshake for $25,000. Included in the deal were the store/home, the house to the north and the apartments in back! Helen and Frank ran the place for nineteen years, and it was the perfect neighborhood convenience store in the American Tradition. Locals remember Lemasters Market as a friendly little market with a big candy selection and a Norman Rockwell ambience, the last of a fading breed in the South Bay.


Address: 635 Monterey Blvd Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Phone: (310) 372-6639