Piara Pizza

At Piara Pizza, you get quality food at reasonable, family-friendly prices available for Take-Out or Online Delivery. Convenience is one of the main reasons people come to Piara Pizza. We usually have fresh, hot pizzas, ready to go as soon as you walk in! Be sure to check out our pizza coupons for more savings and pizza discounts. When you try Piara Pizza you will enjoy the fresh, light taste of our delicious pizza, hot wings, cheesy bread and breadsticks. Once you’ve tried our pizza, you won’t be able to resist the fresh, tasty dough and the delicious cheese! And don’t forget to pick up your order of our Piara Buffalo Wings with ranch dressing, Piara breadsticks with Marinara sauce and our Piara Cheesy Bread, topped with garlic sauce, fresh parmesan cheese and Italian spices… Piara Pizza is the new Pizza place with lunch and dinner pizza discounts that won’t break your budget.


Address: 10003 Hawthorne Blvd,
Inglewood, CA 90304
Website: piarapizza.com
Phone: 310-674-2222