Red Car Brewery & Restaurant

Bob Brandt’s brewing career started when a friend gifted him a home brewing set in college. After stints as a brewer at Huntington Beach Beer Company, an investor in Newport Brewing Co, and a partner at Tustin Brewing Company, Bob and his wife Laurie started to recognize a major opportunity: Torrance, their hometown, had no breweries. Laurie’s career in the fashion and garment industry provided her with an impeccable sense of taste and the client-facing skills required to run a successful operation.

Aware of the potential of their combined talents, they began dreaming of a future in which they’d create a place to bring people together. A restaurant and brewery that would serve as the medium through which they could give back to the community that meant so much to them.


Address: 1266 Sartori Ave,
Torrance, CA 90501
Phone: (310) 782-0222