Red’s Flavor Table Takeout

Red (Marilyn Wallace) is an American Chef and Restaurateur. Named RED for her red hair and fiery personality. A native of Marksville, Louisiana and raised in Port Arthur, Texas. Mother of three. RED received her first culinary experience from her mom, Dorothy, who taught her as a young child how to CREATE FLAVORS. RED’S dream was to become an actress. She studied at Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. After theater performances and backstage gatherings, the actors would prepare their own meals, but her dishes stood out from the rest. They raved over her dishes and began calling her “Cook”. “Cooking was not in my future, I wanted to be an actress ”Destiny planned differently for this culinary magician… Who said nothing comes to you naturally? Cooking sumptuous dishes did to RED. This is where her journey begins: Personal Chef, Restaurateur, Caterer. She attended professional catering classes at UCLA and is a graduate of Epicurean Cooking School of Los Angeles. She has a passion for food. I love food! Food is a celebration of life! It affects our attitude and our social experience. She has a passion for people. “Love your customer!”…Red She combines her flavors from the South, her flair from the City and her love of the Art of cooking! Proprietor of: RED’S Breakfast, Jonake’s Creole Restaurant, The Flavor Table Catering and Red’s Flavor Table Breakfast. Personal Chef to Hollywood Celebrities. The legacy continues with her son, celebrity chef…Chef Nate.


Address: 254 N Market St A,
Inglewood, CA 90301
Phone: (424) 331-5000