The recipe for Teaspoon starts with a dream. After finishing school and heading into a 9 to 5 job, Amy Lai found herself thinking about her dream to open a boba shop. Amy’s determination and support from her community inspired her to chase after this, until she finally opened the first-ever Teaspoon in Los Altos, California.
To us, boba is more than just a drink. In our kitchens, Teaspoon’s research and development team cooks up new ideas every day. We look to traditional boba culture and pair it with classic American flavors for drinks you can’t find anywhere else. Our flavors are personally created by team members across our stores and inspired by our own experiences for inspiration – expect a new favorite drink every season with our constantly-changing menu!


Address: 3525 W Carson St Unit
76, Torrance, CA 90503
Website: www.teaspoonlife.com
Phone: 424-275-8170