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“There is no sincere Love than the Love of food.” -George Bernard Shaw What’s for lunch?’ Certainly, a constant thought in the back of everyone’s head. On many days, it might be the only thought driving us to get through a day. We are all rowers of the same boat, so there is no point in denying it! For such occasions and many more, how about some Mediterranean Magic to spice up the day? With loads of veggies, nuts, whole wheat, grains, legumes, seeds, and olive oil. This cuisine is healthy, tasty, and a visual delight. Ladies and gentlemen this is your author speaking, on behalf of South Bay Eater

I welcome you all on this tour of amazing Southbay Mediterranean restaurants in Southbay Cities. Buckle up and get ready, ’cause it’s showtime!

1. Turquoise Restaurant, Redondo Beach:

A pretty restaurant with yummy organic and natural food?Thousand times YES! Customers never seem to get enough of Turquoise restaurants. But, the Hummus, Kabobs,and the owner, Hameed remain the fan-favorite. Mr. Hameed is present every day to ensure you get top-notch quality food and service. No compromise!

Website & Order Online: and follow them @turquoiseredondobeach

2. Zayna Flaming Grill 🔥, Redondo Beach:

Zayna Flaming Grill — Redondo Beach — Southabay Eater restaurant

With its modern outlook, and pop blues, red and white, this restaurant has got the complete beach vibe going on. The red bell pepper hummus, shawarma, and kabobs are some of the customers’ recommended favorites. Flavorsome, delicious, and worth the price! Yes, this is the same restaurant from the Gordon ramsay show Kitchen Nightmares (season 7, episodes 7&8). A lot has changed since 2014. This place is now a local hit for Catering Packages

Website & Order Online: & Follow them @zayna_redondobeach

3. Fansoos Grill, Torrance:

Fanoos Grill — Torrance — Southabay Eater Restaurant

FansoosGrill continues to be one of the best authentic Mediterranean restaurants in town. They serve healthy, appetizing, and 100% Halal meat. The Lamb shankand seafood platter is a highly recommended dish of this restaurant. The great food comes with a side of great customer service.

Website & Order Online:

4. Poulet Du Jour 🔥, Hermosa Beach:

Poulet Du Jour in English means ‘Chicken of the day’. Like the name suggests Chicken is the star of this restaurant. Rotisserie, salad, kabobs you can choose from a plethora of options. In any form, the chicken is tender, juicy, and simply out of the world! The hummus, rice, and falafel are amongst the other fan favorites.

5. Mashwi restaurant, Torrance:

There are tons of Mediterranean cuisine in South Bay but this one is a must-try. Their special Mashwi salad and garlic dip are highly suggested. *Pro-tip: Call ahead of time or choose pick-up during lunch hours.


6.The Hummus Factory, Manhattan Beach:

Like Ralph Waldo Emmerson once said, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” With their original recipes, the restaurant has won thousands of hearts. The combo plate with chicken, beef kabob, and gyro meat owning more than half of them.


7. Hummus Republic, El Segundo:

Usually, many restaurants have limited vegetarian and vegan options when it comes to Mediterranean cuisine. Well, not anymore at the Hummus Republic, you have endless options(both veg and non-veg). Build your own modern Mediterranean meal with unlimited toppings.


8. Chicken Maison, Rolling Hills Estate:

Chicken Maison — Palos Verdes — Southbay Eater Restaurant

This local food chain is a total winner. With the spicy garlic chicken, brown rice, and side dishes being widely suggested by customers. Check out this restaurant for some affordable yet filling, tasty food. They are also available in multiple locations across the state.


9. Al Hamra Halal Cafe, Redondo Beach:

This restaurant has been in town since 2006 and has gained a swell of popularity over the years. There are a wide variety of options to choose from, with no compromise on the quality or quantity. Al Hamra is highly favored by the locals.


10.Sebastian Mediterranean Restaurant, San Pedro:

Sebastian Mediterranean — Sanpedro — Southbay Eater Restaurant

A perfect little place for a cozy family dinner, with outdoor seating. The lasagnaand deserts from this restaurant are highly recommended. On certain occasions, there is also live music to add to the ambiance.


Thank you for joining on this fun ride with Southbay Eater, we hope you found the perfect restaurant.🔥If you are a foodie check out the Instagram and facebook page of Southbay Eater page for more information. Don’t forget to participate in the ‘Tag and win’ $200 Giftcard contest! Adios🔥


Sridhar Sambangi