Top 10 Mexican restaurants in South Bay

Fajitas, burritos, tacos, chili, salsa, tortilla, Ahhhh the mere thought is enough to get our mouths watering! It’s no secret that Mexican cuisine is one of America’s and the world’s most beloved. But this cuisine goes far and beyond, leaping on to the global stage of fine dining experiences. These dishes are well known for their flavors. And have won the Americans’ hearts from the early 1900s.

To make life easy, we at South Bay have handpicked some of the best restaurants to choose from.

Now, let’s get this Pachanga started

1)Ortega 120, Redondo Beach: –

Alert! People in the Southbay region, we have found a neighborhood gem! With finger-licking good taste and quantities that will last for lunch and dinner, Ortego has had us hooked from day one.

Must-haves: — A pitcher of Margarita (at least), taco sampler, queso fundido, burritos and carnitas.

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2)Palmilla Cocina Y Tequila, Hermosa Beach: –

Palmilla is an amazing mix of elegance and contemporary in both, food and decor. But their food mostly features home-style Mexican cuisine along with an array of premium tequila. The restaurant is located right off the pier, perfect for a dinner with the sky.

Must-haves: — Tortillas, honey butter (complimentary appetizers), pick literally anything.

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3) Caló Kitchen + Tequila, El Segondu:-

Be it drinks or food this place is a must-try. The food in itself is flavourful and cooked to perfection. The restaurant also offers amazing service, a wonderful team effort.

Must-haves: — Shrimp Ceviche, short rib enchiladas, Pollo Serrano margarita, mimosas (bottomless mimosas for $20 on Sundays until 3 pm!!).

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4) Zacatecas restaurant, Hawthorne: –

Meet our new favorite Mexican restaurant– Zacatecas. The taste teleports you to Mexico in one bite! They offer humungous portions, but will ultimately leave you craving more and more…

Must-haves: — Tom’s burrito, chicken enchiladas, pozole and, Carne asada plate.

5)El Amigo, Lawndale: –

Grab your Amigos and head straight to El Amigo, for a complete flavour ride. They offer 100% authentic Mexican food. With great service, portions, and taste this restaurant is a local hit.

Must-haves: — Asada fries, salsa, every taco, chili verde super burrito.

6)Esperanza cocina de la playa, Manhattan Beach: –

This establishment is undoubtedly one of South Bay’s most awaited openings. With the top-notch ambiance, we initially spent our time appreciating the decor, and then we were practically spellbound by the food.

Must-haves: — Short rib taquitos, cocktails, and margaritas.

7) El Jacalito, Lomita: –

Some things never change, like people’s endless love for authentic Oaxacan food. El Jacalito “Understood the assignment” perfectly! They have a great menu selection: plates, Caldo, tortas, and burritos, and everything taste amazing.

Must-haves: — Taquitos, carne asada, mole burritos, and Chile Relleno.

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8)La Playita, Hermosa Beach:-

‘Consistently amazing’ might be the best way to describe this restaurant. This place is a local favorite! With their extensive menu and mouth-watering dishes, we never seem to get enough of La Playita.

Must haves: -Fajitas, spicy quesadilla and tortilla and enchiladas.

9)Salsa Verdes, Palos Verdes: –

Easily one of the best Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood. Salsa Verdes offers flavourful food made with fresh ingredients. They also have specials that never disappoint!

Must-haves: — Camarones al mojo de ajo, enchiladas, burritos, chilli rellenos and baja fish tacos.

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10)Alfredo’s Restuarant, Lomita: –

Rediscover Mexican food love. Everything here is fantastic. Must try for a classic Mom and Pop restaurant experience.

Must-haves: — Enchiladas Suizas, taquitos, and margaritas.

#Mexicano Fact: In 2010 UNESCO added Mexican cuisine to the list of ‘intangible cultural heritage’.

Don’t walk but run to the nearest Mexican restaurant if you haven’t already tasted this cuisine! The possibilities and options are near endless for the adventurous foodies, we have tried to narrow it down for you. But, the problem persists, deciding on only one meal from the sea of choices available!

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Southbay Eater Authors:  Sridhar Sambangi