Top 10 Thai restaurants in South Bay

One of a kind!’This might be the best way to describe Thai cuisine. With a perfect blend of sweet, sour, bitter, and salty flavors, Thai food retains nutrition like no other. Making it one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. With nearly endless options to choose from, Thai food is both healthy and yummy for the tummy😉.In this edition, we plan on taking your palate on a roller coaster ride! with the ‘Top 10 best Thai restaurants in South Bay’. Hop on and let the fun begin! Stop.

1: Dragonfly Thai, Rolling Hills Estate:

A must-visit place in the hills if you are a fan of Thai and Thai fusion foods. They have a variety of dishes and lunch specials to choose from. But, the locals highly suggest the Larb salad, Orange Chicken, Golden Pillows, Pad See Ew, and Pad Thai.

2: Sirinat Thai and Sushi Bar, San Pedro:

This restaurant is a yummy hidden treat. With an extensive menu and tasty food, you just can’t go wrong. Mango Sticky Rice, Spicy Eggplant, Green papaya salad, and yellow curry with chicken and rice are some of the popular picks.

3: Siam I am, Redondo Beach:

‘Great things come in small packages, this restaurant is the perfect example. Tucked in Redondo beach this cute little place is winning hearts. Do not miss out on their amazing yellow curry with chicken, pad see ew, Kau soi noodles, and dumplings.‘ I am 100% coming back!

4: Sartori Thai cuisine, Torrance:

Craving some Thai food? Sartori has got ya covered. With every flavor being spot-on and the dishes delicious, this is officially our new favorite restaurant. Their Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, Pineapple fried rice, and yellow curry are great dishes to try. Don’t forget the Thai tea cream brûlée, a heavenly delight!

5: Garden Thai, Manhattan Beach:

There is no turning back after visiting this place. Pick anything they are all super tasty. Our favorites are the Orange Chicken, Pad Sew Mee, and Crab Fried Rice. The portions are huge but, with each bite filled with a burst of flavor, you will find yourself craving more and more and more!

6: Subhannahong Royal Thai cuisine, Redondo Beach:

Easily one of the best restaurants in Redondo beach. Probably the Tom Yum soup is a good start for fangirling over this restaurant and its authentic dishes. We highly recommend getting the pineapple fried rice, Subhannahong salad, Pad See Ew, Pad Woon Sen, and 200 years pad thai.

7:Pacific Rim Thai Kitchen, Lawndale :

Now, every Thai restaurant is rated based on its Pad Thai. Hands down Pacific Rim Thai kitchen has the best Pad Thai,😉. Their BBQ pork, green papaya salad, pad see yew, and Green Curry are all bound to leave you in awe!

8: Ayara Thai Restaurant, El Segundo:

All of Thailand’s greatest hits rule this restaurant. Basil chicken, pad see yew, Ayara’s toast, Tom Kha Chicken soup, crab fried rice, shrimp butterfly, and Massaman Curry, you name it and they have it in-store. *Currently closed for in-house service*.

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9: Thai dishes restaurant, LA :

The search for the perfect Thai restaurant ends here. Flavorful food at affordable prices, with great quantity, Thai dishes restaurant offers all this and more. The locals highly recommend the seafood soup, Pad Thai, spring rolls, and shrimp fried rice

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10: Bowl Thai, Gardena:

Not visiting this place early is one of the regrets I will carry forever! It’s creamy, delicious, and flavourful. The Tom Kah soup with coconut milk is just out of the world! Prik King, pad see ew, pad thai, and Tom yum noodle soup are some of the favorites from this establishment.

All these restaurants carry a little piece of Thailand with them. Now, finding authentic Thai food is no longer a challenge with our Top 10 list. Foodies don’t forget to check out Southbay Eaters Instagram and Facebook page for more tasty information!

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Southbay Eater Authors:  Sridhar Sambangi