Willingham’s World Champion BBQ

John Willingham was famous for barbecue and the barbecue sauces and rubs he developed to enhance his great cooking techniques. A creative entrepreneur and inveterate tinkerer, he spent a big chunk of his long life in search of a more perfect way to barbecue. Forty years ago, he designed the cooker you see above – the W’ham Turbo Cooker, which kept the smoke away from the meat but sealed the flavor in. For the next decade, he worked on improving the cooker, the techniques to make the most of it, along the way developing a range of barbecue seasonings and sauces to enhance his more perfect meats.


Address: 443 S Pacific Coast Hwy Ste A Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Website: www.willinghambbq.com
Phone: (310) 693-4955