Yuk Dae Jang – Gardena

Yukdaejang, the first American outpost of a large Korea-based chain, specializes in yukgaejang, a spicy beef soup with slippery cellophane noodles. Yukgaejang is a hearty Korean soup that warms you from your head to your toes. Full of meat and vegetables, it's fiery red, bold, and spicy. We have locations in Koreatown, Gardena, and Alhambra. Two more locations in Buena Park and Irvine are coming soon in 2020.


Address: 15420 S Western Ave ste b,
Gardena, CA 90249
Website: www.yukdaejangusa.com
Phone: (310) 400-7743
Email: info@yukdejangusa.com